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RE: [IP] Insurance Coverage Problem


I continued to haggle with Minimed and BC/BS until I got the I.V. 3000
Transparent Dressing (100/box) covered.  However, the I.V. Prep
Antiseptic Skin Preparation still is not covered..... I will try going
through my prescription plan because this item is available OTC at most
pharmacies.  Regardless, I got the more expensive item covered!

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Does anyone have a problem getting the "I.V. 3000 Transparent Dressing
(100/box)" and the "I.V. Prep Antiseptic Skin Preparation (50/box)"
covered by their insurance?

It seems my insurance covers everything 100% except these two items?  I
don't understand how they can cover everything else but not these???

Has anyone been succesfull in getting the insurance copamny to cover
"items" they have previousliy denied?  If so HOW??

Thanks in advance
email @ redacted
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