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Re: [IP] Re: skipping meals ( a little long)

I can't wait to get on the pump, especially after reading this. Sometimes I 
hate my strict meal schedule.
Barry, diagnosed May 02

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>Subject: [IP] Re: skipping meals ( a little long)
>Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 15:30:10 -0500
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>-You talkin' to the wrong person about this.
>When i see an eight ounce glass, with one ounce in it,
>i see a glass with water in it.
>First of all, ive been diabetic for 46 years.
>I have NO embarrassment (nor hard feelings) at all (it aint like it was my 
>If i hear some misconception, i simply ask people if they mind hearing the 
>and if they dont mind, i tell them...
>If they tell me that they have a relative with diabetes, i ask them if 
>they're living in the
>20'th century, or the 21st.
>I have become a MAJOR advocate of how much better living with diabetes in 
>21st century has become.
>Even if your not pumping, get off (this is not true for all, but most), 
>those old insulins, and
>get on the lantes novo/huima-log program...
>Theni send to my story.
>If someone buys sugar free stuff, i tell them how nice i feel they're 
>being, for thinking about me.
>( you cant blame them... the world has taught them that diabetics cant eat 
>(I think, in the past, some people referred to it as "sugar diabetes")
>Then i let them no that that was me in 1960, but not today.
>I go into the whole pump thing, and let them know that i now eat what they 
>In most cases, they are amazed... I ask them "how do you think I feel" ???
>Then i tell them taht my favorite thing is not "eating anything".... but 
>not eating....
>Most people find it hard to understand, then i tell them "try HAVING to eat 
>every meal for 46 years,
>and see how it feels" ??
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