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Re: [IP] Novolog problems?

>I have been on Novolog exclusively and all of the information I have read
>about the differences is that Novolog works faster. I would be interested
>your emprical data in how you have determined that Humalog is
>faster.....maybe just for you??


Every published source comparing Novolog to Humalog or listing duration for
either that I've read has listed Humalog to be faster acting.  I have not
read a SINGLE source that shows Novolog to be faster, so I'm surprised that
you haven't read likewise.  (I actually tracked this information down when
trying to learn more about the unused insulin rule, and how to effectively
apply it for both Humalog and Novolog in Logbook DM.)

Actually, the comparison I'm basing it on is where individual sites give
action/peak/duration times for either.

FOr example, Novolog is repeatedly listed as action begins in 15 minutes,
peak in 1.5 hours, and duration of 3-5 hours.

Humalog is consistantly listed as action begins in 5 minutes, peak in 1
hour, and duration of 2-4 hours.

When I've seen "averages" listed for durations, the average for Novolog was
around 4 hours, while Humalog was an average of 3.3 hours.  Because of this,
I started using 3.3 hours as my Humalog duration for myself, and I have
found it to be almost dead-on accurate for me.

When I was reading positive comments about Novolog here, I considered
switching...but then after I started reading hte published times, I decided
against it since Novolog was always listed with longer times.

(There is one exception, actually...diabetesnet.com states that some users
have reported that Novolog acts faster than Humalog...but it is hard to
trust what "some users have reported" scientifically...plus, I don't doublt
that for SOME people, Novolog may, actually work faster than Humalog...but
not for the average.)

I have no preference, since it just depends on how the individual is.
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