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[IP] Re: skipping meals ( a little long)

-You talkin' to the wrong person about this.

When i see an eight ounce glass, with one ounce in it,
i see a glass with water in it.

First of all, ive been diabetic for 46 years.
I have NO embarrassment (nor hard feelings) at all (it aint like it was my 

If i hear some misconception, i simply ask people if they mind hearing the 
and if they dont mind, i tell them...

If they tell me that they have a relative with diabetes, i ask them if 
they're living in the
20'th century, or the 21st.

I have become a MAJOR advocate of how much better living with diabetes in the
21st century has become.

Even if your not pumping, get off (this is not true for all, but most), 
those old insulins, and
get on the lantes novo/huima-log program...

Theni send to my story.

If someone buys sugar free stuff, i tell them how nice i feel they're 
being, for thinking about me.
( you cant blame them... the world has taught them that diabetics cant eat 

(I think, in the past, some people referred to it as "sugar diabetes")

Then i let them no that that was me in 1960, but not today.
I go into the whole pump thing, and let them know that i now eat what they eat.
In most cases, they are amazed... I ask them "how do you think I feel" ???

Then i tell them taht my favorite thing is not "eating anything".... but 
not eating....
Most people find it hard to understand, then i tell them "try HAVING to eat 
every meal for 46 years,
and see how it feels" ??
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