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Re: [IP] Re: flu shot

>>Hmm. Then why are diabetics considered "high risk" and are one of the 
>>first to get flu shots? It is the stomach flu that makes the flu 
>>dangerous for diabetics. The "flu shot" is actually two shots in one. 
>>First and foremost, for the influenza virus. Second, it also prevents 
>>pneumonia. Two DIFFERENT medications combined. The "respitory flu" that 
>>you are speaking of is probably that part of the flu shot. However, it 
>>also affects influenza.

I get a separate shot for pneumonia, it's not included in my flu shot.  The 
influenza epidemic that killed mass numbers of people in the early 1900s 
was not the "stomach flu".  It was the respiratory flu.  Anyone with 
possibly lowered immune systems (elderly, diabetics, asthmatics. etc.) are 
all recommended to get the flu shot.  I don't believe the protection has 
anything to do with the so-called "stomach flu".  By the way, I had to wait 
to get my flu shot this year since they were giving them to the elderly 
first in my area and even though I'm considered "high risk", I didn't 
qualify for the early shot because I'm not over 65.

This was found using Google:

>Gastroenteritis, also called Stomach Flu is an irritation of the stomach 
>and the intestines. It usually goes away (by itself) in a couple of days. 
>This is why Stomach Flu is often called 24-hour flu". Germs which cause 
>gastro get into your body through your mouth and it usually takes several 
>days for symptoms to appear.
>Even though Gastroenteritis is often called the "stomach flu," it is not 
>caused by the influenza viruses.

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