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Re: [IP] Leaking reservoir?-quiksets?-MM508

When we had the 508, this also happened to Jake.  He was getting high
numbers for no apparent reason, even after changing out everything.  When I
finally called MM to troubleshoot, they had me test the reservoir. I had to
leave the door of the pump open, lay it face down on a tissue paper and do a
5 unit bolus.  After the bolus, they had me pick up the pump and look at the
tissue paper.  Sure enough, it was wet with insulin.  This proved that the
reservoirs were the culprit.  They replaced the whole lot of reservoirs and
we never had another problem.  Since upgrading to the Paradigm, we have not
had this problem.

Sean, mom of Jake, 9 (dx 07/01, pumping 01/02)
Grapevine, TX
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Subject: [IP] Leaking reservoir?-quiksets?-MM508

> > Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 16:10:38 EST
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> > Subject: [IP] Leaking reservoir?-quiksets?-MM508
> >
> > Have any of you had problems with insulin (Novolog) leaking into the
> > compartment that holds the reservoir in the MM508?  This has happened
> > 4 times
> > during the last 4 or 5 weeks with my daughter.  She uses quiksets.  We
> > have
> > not been able to determine whether it is the reservoir or quikset, but
> > think
> > by process of elimination , it is something with the area where the
> > two
> > join.  We have used new reservoirs and quiksets from different lot
> > numbers
> > and thought the problem was gone until she came home from school today
> > with a
> > "hi" on her bg meter and a pump full of leaking insulin.  We have
> > contacted
> > MM twice and have run a bunch of tests they had us do and the pump
> > seems to
> > be ok.  We cautioned her to be sure the quikset is tightened well and
> > not to
> > pick up the pump by the tubing, which I have seen her do at night in
> > bed.
> > Any ideas?-thought I would call her pump trainer to see if she might
> > have
> > some suggestions or the area rep.
> > Already talked to endo's office.  They thought maybe the movement in
> > tap and
> > hiphop dance classes had done something before, but that is not the
> > case this
> > time.
> > Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx3/01, MM508-5/02
> I too have had the same problem with the 508 and quicksets. I thought
> at first it was bad absorbtion from the sites.
> Then I started to notice the bandaid smell and wetness near the luer
> lock. Sometimes it would not start for a day or two which made it even
> harder to track down. I finally called MM and they sent out some new
> sets. I had tried two different lots of reserviors. This seemed to do
> the trick. These sets were not over or under tightened.
> I do not pick up the pump via the tubing or abuse the connection. My
> technique for changes has worked fine for me for sometime so I don't
> think this is my fault.
> BTW: the sets quicksets 43 9mm are lot # 2200117
> John Teloh ---   email @ redacted
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