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[IP] Re: pregnancy

> When I had said something to my previous doctor about wanting to have 
>children all he did was show me pictures of deformed 
>babies, and tell me this is all I have to look forward to. 
>Needless to say he is no longer my doctor. What type of 
>things did you have to do to prepare your body before you 
>became pregnant? What effects did being pregnant have on 
>your bg? Did you have any complications during the 
>pregnancy or during delivery? Any information that you 
>can give me would be very helpful 
I can't believe a doctor would do this.  When I was diagnosed 29 years ago, 
the doctors told my parents that I shouldn't have children but no one told me 
that!  Although I did have one doctor tell me when I was 19 that if I wanted 
to have a healthy baby I should have it now (forget marriage or waiting until 
I was ready).  After I had been diabetic 10 years and was ready, I found a 
really good endo who was interested in pregnancy and worked with an OB, waited 
until he said my A1C was good enough (I think it was 5.7) and then actually 
started trying and got pregnant about 10 days later! My pregnancy went 
smoothly on 2 shots/day.  I'm sure the pump would have been better.  I saw 
both doctors (at the some office, they saw all the diabetic Moms the same 
afternoon and had a meeting before hand to discuss how we were doing) every 
other week the 1st half of my pregnancy and every week the 2nd half and then 
the non-stress tests at the end.  They did decide to induce a few weeks early 
due to my blood pressure being elevated.  My daughter was 8lbs, 4 oz at birth 
(same as me) and now has diabetes (at 18, a little older than me, I was almost 
16).  From what research I have done there is about a 3 - 4% chance of 
becoming diabetic if your Mom is Type 1.  
When I was diagnosed, they told me it was a straight recessive gene and the 
chances of having a diabetic child were 25% and 100% if the father was also 
diabetic which didn't stop me from falling in love with the first diabetic I 
could find.  My stepmom told me if this diabetic and I had children, they 
would be very sick and die by age 2.  I don't know where she got this info but 
she actually suggested to my 18 year old boyfriend that he should get a 
vasectomy!  Well the relationship didn't work and of course they know now it's 
not straight genetic. I don't know what the statistics for having a healthy 
baby are now but I think even 19 years ago, they were not that much different 
than non-diabetics if you have good care.  I think sometimes the doctors watch 
us so much more closely than non-diabetics that they are likely to notice any 
kind of problem.  My only disappointment during my pregnancy was that my 
parents were not happy about me being pregnant and my Dad keep asking how soon 
I could have the baby and have her be OK.  They were of course happy with my 
daughter after she was born but I had wanted to share the pregnancy excitement 
with them.  When I say Steele Magnolias, I cried when the Mom was upset about 
her diabetic daughter being pregnant.

To everyone that is posting about being pregnant - congratulations and I'm 
sure everything will go smoothly.

Laurie (age 45) - type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3+
and Melinda (age 18) type 1 - 1+ months
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