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[IP] Re: skipping meals

From: "Lutz, Leonard" <email @ redacted>
>i LOVE not eating breakfast or lunch
>(after 46 years, what a privilege it is, to not eat).

The first day I was on the pump, I ate breakfast at about 11:00, painted all 
day in 117 degree heat index and then ate again at 4:00.  I actually cried 
when I realized that this is the way everyone else eats and I had not realized 
that the way I ate for the prior 26 years was so different.  Now at work 
sometimes people will say - "you're diabetic, you have to eat" and I say, "no, 
I'm on the pump I can skip meals and eat when I want!"

This brings up another topic - how does everyone deal (politely) with other 
peoples comments.  I don't care if people know I'm diabetic but sometimes I 
prefer not to talk about it especially to people I've just met.  Someone (my 
boss in particular) wil bring it up when we have cake or something and 
say "Laurie, you'll need to crank up your insulin" Then I end up having to go 
into the whole explaination of being diabetic, on the pump etc. which 
sometimes I don't mind but other times, I just want to eat my cake and be 
quiet!  My daughter has also had this experience of her roomate telling people 
she has jsut met that she is diabetic and I'm sure her roomate means well but 
my daughter finds it awkward.  
Also how do you deal with people who go out of their way to buy you sugarfree 
stuff?  We had an icecream social at work and the organizers bought sugarfree 
icecream - "just for me".  While this is a thoughtful gesture, there is about 
the same carbs in sugarfree icecream and we can eat what we want. I had told 
this particular person that several times.  I certainly would not want to 
offend someone who has gone out of there way to get me something but on the 
other hand I wouldn't want them to continue to do it.  Besides I think 
sugarfree food is deceptive and should come with a warning label that it does 
not mean "carb-free".

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3+ years
and daughter Melinda (age 18) type 1 - 1+ months on MDI (for now anyway)
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