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[IP] Wedding dress pumping

I have found another item to help out with any type of dress, be it a mumu or 
the hot little black dress.

I got it at Walmart for $8.94 and it is a girdle type thing.  It hooks up the 
front and goes around your waist - it is about a foot in width with many 
hooks up the front.  It does not have the pantieportion.  I believe it is 
called a waist nipper.  It is not as tight fitting as a girdle, and 
surprisingly quite comfortable.

The pump (with no clip) fits nicely in it and cannot be seen.  I just place 
the pump against my stomach and it stays nicely in place without moving all 
day and night.  It is kind of like the biker pant theory, but much more 
comfortable and no bulge at your waist when sitting down.

They come in S, M, L, 1X and larger.  They are in the women's lingerie 
section with the girdles and other tummy tucker items.  No one knows I have 
it on and I am always asked if I have lost weight, which is good for anyone's 
self image.

Just a thought,

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