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[IP] Deltec Pump Shipping

Pumpers and Friends,
  I just got back on-line... ISP was down. Been reading about the Deltes Cozmo
in the 3345 e-mail I had in my mail box, so when I saw this I'm sending it
along to the group.

Deltec, Inc. Ships new Insulin Pumps

            St.Paul, MN, December 13, 2002:    Deltec, Inc. ("Deltec"), the
Minnesota-based infusion pump manufacturer, part of  Smiths Medical, has
started shipping to customers its new insulin infusion pump for the treatment
of diabetes.

The Deltec Cozmo(tm) insulin pump is a small, lightweight, cell phone-size
device worn by a person with diabetes to deliver insulin continuously, day and
night through a small, short, flexible plastic tube that is inserted
just under the skin.  Patient-friendly features include a full-sized 300 unit
insulin cartridge, powered by a single AAA battery, and a large, easy
to read display.

The new pump offers significant advantages over currently available insulin
pumps, most notably its ease of use and flexible programming which allow
people with diabetes to personalize their treatment to meet their lifestyle
demands.  It is estimated that approximately 16 million people in the U.S.
have diabetes.  

"We are very pleased to have reached this milestone of providing a superior
insulin pump to people with diabetes, and are excited to see how much it
benefits their lives," said Jim Stitt, president of Deltec.

The Deltec Cozmo(tm) insulin pump also has many safety features that are
designed into the pump, such as a Program Lockout that prevents users from
accidentally entering the menu, a Delivery Limit Alarm to limit the amount of
insulin that is delivered over an hour, and a Missed Meal Bolus Alert that
alerts the user if a meal bolus is not given.

Deltec has sold over 150,000 ambulatory infusion pumps worldwide, which are
used in a variety of infusion therapies to deliver medications for
chemotherapy, pain management, TPN, hydration, dialysis, and to deliver
antibiotics, and deliver other medications to treat primary pulmonary
hypertension, eliminate excess iron, prevent clotting, and produce blood
cells.  The ambulatory nature of Deltec infusion pumps allows patients to
maintain a better quality of life while undergoing their therapy.

Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Deltec is part of the Medical division of
Smiths Group plc, London and manufactures a wide range of infusion and
access systems for domestic and international markets. 

Hope this helps, there will be a IP Chat with Deltec in January in the Guest
room. Watch for the chat post. 


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