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RE: [IP] Novolog problems?

> Has anyone ever switched to novolog and found they did worse than when
> they were on Humalog?    I've heard of many who went from H to N 
> because they were running too high on H and then did great on N.

First, let me say I haven't tried Novolog.  I've been on Humalog 
problem free for years.  But, one reason why some might not do well on 
Novolog has to do with the time.  Novolog is slower-acting, and last 
longer in the body than Humalog. This actually can be helpful 
to "stabalize" blood sugars more if you eat a low-to-moderate amount of 
carbs.  I, however, eat a large amount of carbs.  Even Humalog doesn't 
act fast enough for my liking.  I know that switching to Novolog would 
only make things worse for me.

Novolog starts working in 10-20 minutes versus Humalog 5-15.  Novolog 
lasts, on average, 4 hours in the body, compared to Humalog's 3.3.  
(Obviously, these times will different a bit for each individual.)

Even though these differences are small, they are enough to make a 
difference in many people.  

Other than for reasons such as reacting to the insulin, I wouldn't 
consider switching from one to the other simply based on the 
experiences of others...instead, you need to figure determine what you 
hope to accomplish by switching, and then try to determine if switching 
will actually help.
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