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Re: [IP] Re: wedding dress (was Pregnant pumpers....)

Minimed has accessories you can purchase and one of them is a thigh belt and it comes in white or black.  Just an idea...  I also have the stomach belt to and it is nice.
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I'm getting married in March- I asked the same question a while back and I
decided to just stick in into the top of my pantyhose... I have a bustier
type thing with those clips that come down to hold up your thigh high panty
hose, so it won't fall down. and my dress flares from the waist so no one
will see it that way. Also some people said to get those tight bike shorts
(or baseball sliders) with a pocket and wear that under and you can stick
the pump in there. I am wearing a poofy slip so that would have been too
much clothing. also, if you have a good seamstress doing your alterations
you can have her do a pocket on the inside of your dress or slip. For my
sister-in-law's wedding in October I am having the seamstress who is doing
alterations make me a pocket in my bridesmaid dress. She's going to put it
right below the waistline next to the side seam. Good luck!!
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