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[IP] My Experience With Skin Care Products

    One time my hands got so dry that I made a fist and my skin split open
across the knuckles. It was deep too. I wash my hands constantly at work after
passing meds, bathing clients, etc.
    I tried the regular glycerin based lotions with and without alcohol and/or
dimethicone like the brand Lubriderm and the generics like Equate. I also
tried samples of Eucerin, Aquaphor, and that one with, "Oxygen" that I forgot
the name of. Oh yeah, I tried Corn Husker's Lotion, Vaseline, and even Triple
Acting Antibiotic Cream and Ointment. Then there are the ones I have
    Last week I tried a plain old stick of 100% cocoa butter on the advice of
my sister-in-law. The one she let me use was in a little tube and it was white
with no odor. The one I got from Wal-Mart is darker and smells like chocolate
(Maybe George would like that one best <grin>).
    It works great and doesn't feel greasy. It is real easy to control the
application because it is in the form of a solid stick. And the chocolate
smell is a plus except when I put it on around my dogs. All of a sudden they
have an intense interest in my hands!
    I also got a bottle of Zim's Crack Cream. It's actually a viscous liquid
that smells like cloves. It made my hands tingle a little but it sure does the
job for the overnight protection. The bonus box came with a tube of the cream,
which I suppose is really a cream because it is recommended for daytime
maintenance, and a pair of white cotton gloves of which neither have I tried
    Going to the pharmacy and asking for a bottle of crack cream may raise an
eyebrow from an employee that doesn't know what it is, so consider yourself
warned <grin>. Also, at my Wal-Mart they keep the cocoa butter sticks behind
the counter because they said it is a special order item that Wal-Mart doesn't
usually carry because it is not a product sold in great quantities. Must be a
regional thing and they get it from a vendor in smaller quantities just for
that store.
    Now when I rub my wife's back she doesn't yell at me because of my
sandpaper hands. It's tough being a guy eh? Oh well, the aforementioned is all
just my opinion based on my experience. But I still think the chocolate
smelling cocoa butter would be a favorite of George.

Cody S. Alderson
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