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Re: [IP] Re: Lost 35 Pounds (Was: Maude report)

    I used to like eating just once per day. When I was on two daily shots
of a mix of Humulin R & NPH I was always chasing insulin with food. I had to
eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
    That all changed with a month of MDI then the pump. I now only eat
dinner. I had major highs and lows before because of eating lunch mostly. If
I didn't eat it I went low, if I did eat it I went high no matter what.
    I eat a big dinner which is around 220 carbs maximum. I only go high if
it is a new food I haven't tried on the pump yet, if I eat too much
heavy/bulky foods, don't drink enough liquids with the meal, or if I make a
miscalculation by implicitly trusting the labels.
    Tonight I am at 329 because of trusting a labeled carb count on a box
which may be correct by average testing but doesn't work right as far as
insulin to carb ratio when I eat it. I can't quite figure it out yet because
it doesn't seem to matter whether the food is high or low fat or high or low
    Anyway, the pounds started to drop because I am getting back into an
eating pattern which is natural for me. My CDE even agreed with me after
some serious testing. It became very apparent when I started testing basals.
I skipped breakfast and lunch to test the daytime basals because it was easy
for me because that is what I want to do. Then she asked me to skip
breakfast but eat lunch. Then I went high everyday. Now that I am eating
only dinner my control is great. Except for tonight.
    Oh well, it was a new food and I should have went with my instincts
instead of the label. Of course, as always, Your Mileage May Vary.

Cody S. Alderson
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> If you don't mind me asking how in the world did you >lose 35 pounds.
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