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[IP] my trip to the ER--little long

Hello all.
I'd like to thank everyone for giving me the knowledge & smarts to be able to
handle a trip to the ER.

I went last eve after vomiting all day.  Bad stomach cramps, hot/cold spells,
really thirsty;  I was worried about DKA, even tho my glucose readings were
ok, hovering around 230 all day.  I made very conservative doses knowing that
if I went low, I couldn't treat.

As it turns out, I didn't need to fight for myself while I was sick.
All the docs & nurses know what insulin pumps are.  No one touched it, asked
me to take it off...

I got there, saw a doc w/in 30 minutes. (!!)  IV's started w/o glucose, just
normal saline.  They gave me a wonderful anti-nausea drug, big guns they said
cuz I looked/felt so bad!

Glucose in their lab was 273 which I still wasn't panicked about, but wanted
to dose 1 or 2 units anyway.  They said to wait until the potassium result was
back cuz apparantly to correct an abnormal result, they give glucose & insulin
at the same time. ???  Not sure what that was about, but maybe I heard wrong.
The nurse was mentioning that before the anti-nausea drug had taken effect.

Basically, I was very impressed w/ their knowledge & caring.  "As soon as I
heard you were diabetic, I knew you weren't wasting our time.  You came at the
right time, before you were too dehydrated."
I felt better once I was rehydrated & no more vomiting.

Also I couldn't have done so well w/o the pump.  If I were still on MDI, I'd
have been in deep doo-doo!  Since I didn't feel sick right upon awaking, I'd
have taken my morning shot, then been sick.  The insulin would have already
been on-board & I couldn't eat/drink anything to counteract it.  (granted,
while ill, insulin requirements usually go up, but still...)  Using the pump
made it much easier to control the insulin intake, bolus conservatively, keep
myself in semi-control.  It's been ages & ages since I dealt w/ vomiting, but
this time, all in all, I'm so very glad I had the pump!

So thanks to all who've posted in the past about their horror stories at the
ER.  From your bad experiences, I've gained much!

type 1; diag. 1966;  pumping 1/01
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