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RE: [IP] Pregnant pumpers....

Sorry about that Rachel!:-)
Know I know and knowing is half the battle, or so G.I.Joe use to say:-)  I thought Dennis was a guy's spelling:-)
My dress was tight fitting at the top and was very full at the bottom (bell shaped) and I wore a crinoline/hoop skirt thing under the dress.
I wanted to be able to bolus when needed!  So I had to be able to get to it and I don't have a remote control.
I bought a little doily at MJ Designs (a craft store) for 50 cents and also a box of safety pins.  The doily was the perfect size to serve as a pocket for my pump on the underneath side of my wedding apparel (the crinoline which was the most underneath layer).  I safety pinned the doily to the underside of the crinoline and slid my pump in it.  I worked perfectly!  No one saw it and everyone wondered where it was:-)  Only my Mom and I knew!:-)
This way you can easily bolus because it's pretty close to the bottom of your dress--very easy access!  and very easy to pin and it's completely removable!
That's my story and I love sharing it!
Good luck with all your wedding plans and everything to come afterward!:-)
I'd be happy to answer any other questions if you've got any!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)

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>>Hello Janet,
My name is actually Rachel...
  I also 
have a question about where to put a pump when I will be 
wearing my weddig dress. I have heard several people put 
it in their bra, but the top of my dress is very tight 
fitting.  What have you found to be other options?
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