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Re: [IP] Pregnant pumpers....

Way to go!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!  I am so excited for you!  Enjoy your pregnancy...even when you are having morning sickness...he,eh,he!  It all goes so fast.  And to feel that tiny human being moving and growing in there is one of the most wonderfulest and "Bestest" things!  Do remember at different parts of your pregnancy...your insulin needs will change...just let your Dr. know and it can be adjusted.  What you are doing is going to be worth every finger stick and more!  If you would like to e-mail me at email @ redacted  anytime please do.  Just remind me who you are in the subject so I don't delete it right off.  And again.......Congrats!  :)  Stephanie
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Hello Janet,
My name is actually Rachel, but I go through my dads 
e-mail. I just wanted to congratulate you for your good 
news. I only hope that in a few years I will be able to 
share the same good news with everybody. Any helpful 
advice that you have will be greatly appriciated. I also 
have a question about where to put a pump when I will be 
wearing my weddig dress. I have heard several people put 
it in their bra, but the top of my dress is very tight 
fitting. What have you found to be other options?
On Thu, 12 Dec 2002 11:08:20 -0600
"Stephens, Janet" wrote:
>Insulin Pumpers is made possible by contributions from 
>members and supporters in industry. Your tax deductible 
>of $1.00 or $2.00 per month is needed so that Insulin 
>Pumpers can 
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>Hi Dennis,
>I hope you don't mind someone other than Roselea 
>responding to this!
>This is all very fresh in my mind and life as I have been 
>preparing my 24 year Diabetic body for pregnancy for the 
>past 9-12 months!
>I'd like to share what process I went through and things 
>I've done.
>First, I got on the pump 2.5 years ago in part b/c I 
>wanted to start a family.
>Then, I my endo wanted my A1cs as low as possible, in the 
>low 6's. He said 5's were ideal but that he didn't know 
>if I could reach that since I've had D for 24 years. I 
>WAS HAPPY TO PROVE HIM WRONG! My last 2 A1cs over the 
>past 6 months were 5.6 and most recently 5.3! I've been 
>testing at least 10 times a day to stay ontop of things 
>as much as possible! 
>I also got off my Accupril which I had been taking as a 
>proactive measure for my kidney function (which isn't 
>bad--it was to "enhance performance":-) But I had to get 
>off that 3 months before beginning the conception 
>attempts b/c Accupril and pregnancy don't mix!
>Once I did that I also monitored my blood pressure since 
>we thought that the Accupril might have been masking some 
>slight hypertension. But as it turns out my BP readings 
>have been great! 118/68 and around there:-)
>I also assembled my medical team: my endo, my OB (w/ lots 
>of experience w/ Type1 pregnancies), dietician and 
>Let's see...I've also been doing plenty of exercise to 
>try and stay fit and to help with BP and BG and all the 
>other good benefits of exercise!
>Then, I was given the GO AHEAD to get off my birth 
>control pills about 4 months ago. We had to use 
>alternative contraception over that next month until my 
>next period as instructed by my OB.
>After that we started trying!
>I am very pleased and excited to report you everyone:-) 
> that I am now 7 weeks pregnant! With my last A1c (last 
>week) being 5.3!
>I'm too excited to keep the news to myself and have been 
>eager to tell this wonderful supportive group about my 
>I have thought that the timing of Stephanie's encouraging 
>and positive post a few days ago about Diabetic pregnancy 
>was a great coincidence!
>Anyway, I also wanted to share that one of my first clues 
>that I was pregnant a couple weeks before Thanksgiving 
>were my wacky BGs! I was having to raise my basals 
>20-50%! So, my testing went up as well since I was 
>trying to stay on top of that!
>Now, I'm in the sleepy and nauseous phase. My basal 
>rates are in their regular settings for the past 2 weeks 
>and counting.
>I am pretty nervous about my ability to keep my numbers 
>in the 60-90 range! I'm really trying and so far my endo 
>is pleased.
>I'm sorry this is a long message! I've wanted to share 
>this for a week or so:-)
>Get ready for plenty of pregnancy questions from me, 
>pumping Mama's!! And thanks in advance to all of you who 
>will answer those questions!
>Happy Pumping everyone!
>--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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>>>> What type of things did you have to do to prepare your 
>>>>body before you 
>became pregnant? What effects did being pregnant have on 
>your bg? Did you have any complications during the 
>pregnancy or during delivery? Any information that you 
>can give me would be very helpful 
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