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Re: [IP] carbs in flour

Is it going to vary enough to cause significant carb counting issues?
Being off a tablespoon or two (or even the 2oz someone mentioned earlier)when 
used as part of a recipe couldn't cause the entire recipe to be off by more
30-40 carbs.

Unless your recipe is only making a single serving with a whole lot of flour
in it, the EXACT number of carbs (even with measurement uncertainty) shouldn't
be an issue.

One question, why isn't anyone looking on the bag of flour to get it's carbo

--- Andrew B <email @ redacted> wrote:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The degree of packing of the flour or sugar as well as the hydration of the
> sugar and the milling of the flour do not allow these numbers to be
> determined
> accurately. cup sizes also vary somewhat. spot

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