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Re: [IP] Re: Maude report

> >>> my 16 year old to go on a pump after reading these possiblities.  It also
> >>> seems that with the pump, so many parents are getting up in the middle of
> >>> the night to check their child's blood sugars.  I do not have to do that
> > 

Perhaps you should ask why... People get up in the middle of the 
night to check their kids because they have learned that lows in the 
night are dangerous and preventable. What is interesting is that the 
incidence of lows, their depth and duration are all less severe than 
on MDI (many published studies show this). The conclusion I draw from 
this is that pump parents are better educated about diabetes and the 
possible risks and complications, thus they check their kids in the 
night to prevent these things from happening. I did it for years 
until my daughter left for college. These lows are generally brought 
on by the variable lifestyle that kids lead. High energy exercise one 
day, couch potato the next. That sort of change in activity plays 
havoc with control. There have been many nights when I've 
"intercepted" a low at 50, 40, 30 and lower before anything bad 
happened. There have been a couple of times, one in particular, when 
I've discovered her unconcious and in convulsions. Scary.... to say 
the least. However, I have to say that in all the time she has used a 
pump, she's never required medical intervention or a trip to the ER. 
That's pretty remarkable for 8 years. I don't think it would have 
been that good on MDI.

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