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Re: [IP] Re: Maude report

." I do not have to do that"

To address getting this....

If I know by BS was 200, when I was on MDI,I wouldn't get up , cause I know
it aint moving much....
whats better for your child ???

The reason you read of pumpers and "pops" (parents of pumpers), getting up
to check 
is because (i fell like i can speak for a part of the group),
we are shooting for bs closer to 120., where we COULD drop during the
(tighter control will always require additional testing)

As a pumper, I am INFINITELY more anal about my bs, the i ever was on mdi
I test 10 - 12 times a day, not so much because i have to, i want to..

Im trying to stay healthy for another 50 years, and, if thats what it takes,
so be it...

If you read postings by younger people, all you hear is how much better
their life has become,
few, if any, have complained about so called "higher basals", or additional
do as you see fit... its your child.

I onces mixed up insulin (on MDI), and shot 43 units of humalog at night FOR
3 DAYS, instead
of lantus...... dont you think THAT COULD HAPPEN TOO. Cant do that on the
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