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[IP] Re: Maude report

Because this is a pro-pumpers list, you're going to
hear a lot of positives about pumping (most notably,
for me, was discovering a mere three days after I
started pumping, what it was like to feel 'normal'
again - to have an appetite, to have energy, to not
feel like I had the flu 24/7!). While there is always
a possibility that something could go wrong with my
pump, I haven't had near-death experiences like I did
on MDI (I had so many unpredictable b.s. swings on MDI
that I was a regular visitor to the ER in my town - my
blood sugars would regularly drop from 200 to 17 in 30
minutes. I am positive that this would have killed me
had I not gone on the pump. Of course, this wouldn't
have ended up in a Maude report.) 

My only problem since starting pump therapy was a bad
reaction to Novolog that dropped my b.s. rapidly, and
that certainly wasn't a pump issue. Everyone needs to
use the therapy that best fits their needs, but if I
had a child, I would definitely want him/her on a
pump, not only to improve overall quality of life, but
also because I feel it is much more predictable - and
thus safer - than MDI. Of course, starting out, it's
tough to get the basals right, but overall, while
YMMV, I am very convinced that the pump has saved my life.

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