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Re: [IP] sil serter (was softserter crapping out)

At 08:15 PM 12/10/02, you wrote:
>How well do the sil serters work?  I hear about people talking about them.
>Does it make it easier?  When can I get one?  I do not use minimed products
>as I have an animas pump.

Unless you have an insurance issue, you can order supplies from whoever you 
want.  I have a Disetronic H-Tron+ pump and order my QuickSets from MiniMed 
since I like them better than the infusion sets offered by Disetronic.  I 
had also thought that the sils that the sil serter used were a bit 
different than the Tenders/Comforts offered by others since the connector 
was designed a little bit differently to work with the sil serter.

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