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RE: [IP] premenopausal swings

Hi Barbara...
Get used to many fluctuations in b.g. not only during ovulation but before,
during and after periods as well....and when they start to not come on time
either earlier or later...really messes up b.g. majorly.

I have to constantly play with my insulin/carb ratios.  I don't touch the
basals as they are ok...I keep checking them by fasting but they are fine.

Seems it's the amount of insulin that my body needs at different times of
the month that drives me crazy...

Both my endo and gyno said I can't take HRT (not that I would want to) and
so I just have to deal with it the best I can...I check often and make
adjustments constantly...no fun with the lows I can tell you but I'm doing
the best I can.

Take heart, it doesn't last forever (or that's what I keep telling
myself)..... :) :)
Kathy B.
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