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[IP] premenopausal swings

Hi.  This question goes out to any woman who is approaching menopause (I'm
47 y.o.) and/or anyone that might be able to help me understand this
phenomenon that I've been going through for the last few months.  After I
ovulate I seem to have serious problems with my nighttime blood sugars.
They go up all night on my regular basal level-not consistently, of course
so that I can plot it but signifigantly.  About 15-20 points/hour.  I've
been waking every couple of hours to do a correction, but it's taking a
toll.  I am exhausted!!  Any similar experiences? Words of advice?  Has
anyone ever tried small amount of glucophage on top of his/her insulin, to
deal with morning highs. Thanks in advance for your help.  Barbara  
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