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re: [IP] d-tron pump failure/poor customer service

Although I have not yet bought the D-tron Plus, I am leaning that way due 
to the comprehensive diabetes management softward Insight and Insight Pro, 
as well as Dialog and Dialog Pro, the programs that can set pump settings 
that are default settings incapable of setting on the pump itself.  That 
said, I do not like even the thought of a pump programmed to just die on a 
certain date.  I have found that going up the food chain to a manager will 
quickly rectify the sort of inexcusable treatment described on this 
board.  FInally, over Thanksgiving, when my Paradigm gave me E 21 errors 
Minimed was so swamped that my call was dropped three times in a row.  My 
local rep was kind enough to give me his cell number, so he helped.  I 
certainly think these suppliers need to be told when their service is 
lacking on a $6,000 device.

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