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re: [IP] d-tron pump failure/poor customer service

I must say that this is the first negative experience I have had with
Disetronic.  Am I over-reacting or justified in thinking that I should have
received better customer service?  I hope the loaner arrives tommorrow.


Wow Melissa,
I'd be upset if they ever treated me that way!  Your experience is exactly the
opposite of what mine was.
My menu button had quit working and the lady I talked to was so sympathetic
and immediately shipped me out a brand new pump, got it in 16 hrs and i was
out of town, on the road when it quit working and they overnighted me the pump
at the motel I was going to be at the next day.
I think this guy should be reported.
This is not usual customer service for disetronic.
The lady also was very sympathetic and helpful in my figuring out what to do
the rest of the day til my new pump got to me....
So sorry to hear of your bad experience.

Faith & SweetiePie,her mighty blue dtron
diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here
pumping since 08-2000
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