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[IP] Re: Pump versus shots (was Maude reports)

>>>I remember more than one occasion when I accidently injected the amount I was supposed to give for my long-acting insulin with Humalog.  In one 
case, I was giving about 22 units at bedtime.  I accidently gave 22 units of Humalog instead of 22 units of Lantus.  Whoa!  Big difference.  Fortunately, I noticed IMMEDIATELY after I did it.<<<

I remember doing that, too, only I should have taken NPH, and took Regular instead.  How many times has that mistake been made?  I, too, realized right away what I had done.  It was back in the days before carb counting, so I made a late night phone call to my doctor, and ended up eating to cover for it.

I'll bet it has happened many times, and how many of them have not been realized?  How many deaths have resulted from taking fast acting insulin instead of long acting?  I'd like to read all the MAUDE reports on that, but they don't exist.

Statistically, I'm sure, due to sheer numbers of MDI users vs. pump users, you are much more likely to die from a problem with injections than a problem with a pump.  BOTH are possible.  Neither treatment is without risks.  It is important to remember that.

When the risks are realistically compared with the benefits, a pump is worth the risks.  Yes, occasionally things go wrong on the pump.  But many times, probably most, they are discovered through routine blood sugar tests.  

I say it is well worth the risks, but I suppose that what I think doesn't really matter.  What matters is this:  Which set of risks are you and your 16 yo willing to live with?

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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