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[IP] Re: Pump versus shots

I too have done that!  nothing like 18 units of Humalog right before bed!!  amazingly I also noticed immediatley and freaked out!  The last time I did that was a few weeks before pumping.  Never again:-)  I can also now check if I actually took my humalog, no more 20 minutes of trying to remember!, just check the memory and I know.

And I know of a teenager who ended up in the hospital a few years ago because he accidently mixed up the N and R does and didn't notice.

Pumping is really amazing you just can't know how great it is till you try it.

I've been showing my pump off like cray and I have one old friend from diabetes camps who is currently away at university but I was showing it to her parents and they are convinced it's the way to go and she'll be up for Christmas so they will be trying to get her to get a pump.

And another friend from camp wants me to show and talk to her about it cause she'd like one but is scared about it.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

>> I remember more than one occasion when I accidently injected the 
> amount 
> I was supposed to give for my long-acting insulin with Humalog.  
> In one 
> case, I was giving about 22 units at bedtime.  I accidently gave 
> 22 
> units of Humalog instead of 22 units of Lantus.  Whoa!  Big 
> difference.  Fortunately, I noticed IMMEDIATELY after I did it.  
> So, I 
> was up for the next four hours pigging out.  But, had I not 
> noticed, I 
> would have gone to bed and might have never woken up.  Such a 
> death 
> would not have been reported in the MAUDE database.  :-)
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