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[IP] Choosing between H-TronPlus and D-TronPlus?????

Hi Everyone,

I've been off the list for about a year, but it's time to get a new 
pump, and I'm now debating between another H-TronPlus, which I've been 
very happy with, or a new D-TronPlus.

When the D-Tron first came out, it was a no-brainer (not that I was 
getting a new pump at that time). Then D. was only giving you one pump, 
and I really like having two. Plus, the buttons on the D-Tron weren't 
recommending for people with vision problems (which I have). Now you 
get two D-Trons and the buttons have been modified so that low-vision 
folks can use them.

I'm still torn as to which to get. I love being able to audible bolus 
with the H-Tron, don't want a bigger pump (I'd have to get a new clip 
case too), and know exactly how it works.

I'm intrigued by the software that goes with the D-Tron, both for 
managing rates and checking BGs, but i don't want a bigger pump and I'm 
not wild about a menu-driven pump. I also like the various bolus 
options on the D-Tron.

Any thoughts on this from folks who've had both?



Jenny Nash, Dx'd Type I 1/31/73, D. pumper since 10/95.
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