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RE: [IP] Re: Pump comparisons

Just a quick reply regarding your comment that the D-tron+ batteries are not available in stores.  I use an H-tron+ and have never even thought about that as a disadvantage!  I receive my 3 months worth of pump supplies every 3 months (duh:-) and included are more than enough batteries in each order!  if you will be receiving your supplies the same way I think you might be able to reconsider your opinion about the D-tron+ batteries!:-)
I'm a big Disetronic lover, can you tell?  If D-tron+ was not as big as it is or maybe if I was a guy I would have upgraded to it!  but I can't wear that bigger sized thing in my bra or in my pants unbeknownst to others:-)
Also, you should definitely look into the Animas! (was that one you aren't currently looking at?)  I wish I had looked at that one in my choosing days!  I probably would have chosen it but it was "too new" at the time!
Good luck in your decision!  Don't you love all of these opinions/suggestions?:-)
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)

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Thanks all for the input.  I used the Paradigm for a week, and for six days 
it worked perfectly.  Then three E-21 error messages which I understand 
have been fixed, and a dead battery.  I did have it on vibrate, but thought 
a week is pretty short.  That said, it is small, easy to use and assuming 
the glitches are fixed, I would be happy to have it.  On the other hand, I 
am using the D-tron Plus right now. It is bigger (disadvantage) and uses a 
proprietary battery one cannot buy at the store (disadvantage), but uses a 
3 ml cartridge that last me two weeks (good) and is super good interfacing 
with their Insight diabetes management program which integrates One Touch 
and Free Style meters and all insulin delivery onto one spreadsheet, and 
you can alter alerts by computer, such a low insulin alerts.  I don't want 
such alerts at 30, then 20 then 10 units left.  You cannot defeat these 
alerts on the Paradigm, but on the D-tron you can set the alarm at what 
level you want, and get awakened only once.  All said, these pumps have 
good features.  I didn't try the other two because my docs and sister with 
type 1 thought I would like these two the best.  Thanks again everyone for 
all their feedback.  We are truly blessed in that a hundred years ago, 
anyone who had ITDM just died for lack of insulin, and now we have insulin 
infusion pumps!  Happy holidays.

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