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[IP] Re: Pump versus shots (was Maude reports)

>Pumping insulin does require a great deal of attention, but so does
>injecting insulin.  Maybe injections are more forgiving, maybe because 
>they create a hell of a life.

I remember more than one occasion when I accidently injected the amount 
I was supposed to give for my long-acting insulin with Humalog.  In one 
case, I was giving about 22 units at bedtime.  I accidently gave 22 
units of Humalog instead of 22 units of Lantus.  Whoa!  Big 
difference.  Fortunately, I noticed IMMEDIATELY after I did it.  So, I 
was up for the next four hours pigging out.  But, had I not noticed, I 
would have gone to bed and might have never woken up.  Such a death 
would not have been reported in the MAUDE database.  :-)

Just my 2 cents.
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