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[IP] My New Diabetes Team

Am just home from the initial appointment with my new
doctor at the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes here
in Denver.


I was there for over 2 hours.  I met with the
physician, the dietician (& CDE), the nurse (& CDE),
someone named Mary, and a couple other folks who just
stuck their heads in to say "hi".

My A1c was 7.8.  The MD said "it's fine, but let's not
get caught up in the A1c number - let's focus on
getting the roller-coaster to level out."  He
explained that my A1c, although a bit higher than he'd
like to see, is within an okay range.  And - since
I've been T1 for more than 30 years w/o vascular
complications - the likelihood that I will ever have
those types of complications is rare (unless my A1cs
shoot up to >14 for a year or so :-)

The dietician gave me some ideas on handling late
night dinners that contain lots of olive oil - a
regular at our house.  As well as some ideas for
coping with tennis matches & the resultant
unpredicitable high/low BGs following the intensive
workout.  Looks like I've been OVER correcting for the
adrenaline-caused highs!  

What a concept.  I got answers to my questions.  I
have a TEAM working for ME!  And no one berated me for
waking up with a 350 BG this morning.  Or having a 32
yesterday morning.  Or not eating lunch most days.

My new MD went so far as to say - "there is no way I'm
going to ask you to become a diabetic who is obsessed
with your disease.  The best thing for us to do is fit
your diabetes around your life."  

That is the kind of reinforcement I needed to hear &
am glad he made a point of sharing his philosophy with
me.  It's how I've always lived my life & figure if
I've got to go - I might as well have a good time
getting there.

Oh - life is good!!

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish.

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