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Re: [IP] Re: Maude report

>> It bothers me that I read about 2 deaths in the past 14 months, that they 
>> believe are a result of the insulin pump.  After reading some of these 

Now, compare that to the number of deaths caused (directly or
indirectly) by any one of the following:
    Automobiles.  Or heart attacks, strokes, or suffocation
due to choking on food, cancer, asthma, alcohol poisoning, other kinds
of poisoning.

Suddenly two deaths that *might* have been pump related, really don't
seem like much in proportion.  

A better comparison might be problems caused by normal injections with
syringes.  I'm sure there were more than 2 deaths in the past 14
months caused by accidental overdoses.

Accidents and problems happen.  I had lots of fun the night I filled
my pump with lantus instead of humalog.  There are some horror stories
on this list about gushers and bruising and things like that.  

But - everything must be taken into perspective.  It's a tiny risk
compared to getting into a car and driving on a public street, and can
greatly improve quality of life.  

-R (wishing that today's pumps existed when he was 16)
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