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Re: [IP] If you have never been on IP chat read this

On 12/10/02 10:03 PM, "Alderson Arts" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
>   I just wanted to say that I had a really fun time in chat tonight. Even

>   I think we only talked about diabetes stuff for a couple of minutes. The
> rest of the time we were just talking and having fun. It was great!

>   If I only read the chat topic posts and never visited chat I may have been
> under the impression that all of the chats were serious. So, if you've never
> been to the website to chat then try it out some evening.

I've been to Chat and I KNOW that the talk gets REAL SERIOUS (when we
discuss chocolate!)      ;>P
>   If you want to boost your spirits it is a great place to go even for a few
> minutes. I love the lighter side of life and everyone I met on chat has a
> great sense of humor.
>   Stop by some evening to check it out!
> Just Another Pumper,
> Cody S. Alderson

I SO agree!!!

(just another chocoholic!)      :>)
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