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[IP] If you have never been on IP chat read this

Hi Folks,
    I just wanted to say that I had a really fun time in chat tonight. Even
thought the web based chat is a little cumbersome it was great to be amongst
fellow pumpers for a little while.
    I think we only talked about diabetes stuff for a couple of minutes. The
rest of the time we were just talking and having fun. It was great!
    Many of the upcoming chat posts are to remind IP members of specific chat
topics geared mostly to talk about something to do with diabetes, and I was
concerned that not everyone knows that there are nightly chats that are just a
time to hang out and shoot the breeze.
    If I only read the chat topic posts and never visited chat I may have been
under the impression that all of the chats were serious. So, if you've never
been to the website to chat then try it out some evening.
    If you want to boost your spirits it is a great place to go even for a few
minutes. I love the lighter side of life and everyone I met on chat has a
great sense of humor.
    Stop by some evening to check it out!

Just Another Pumper,

Cody S. Alderson
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