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Re: [IP] d-tron pump failure/poor customer service

I would either ask to be passed on to another tech person or hang up and call again until you get one.  There are always a few bad ones in the bunch!
Are you back on shots or were you able to refill it??
Good luck

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> My D-tron stopped working on Sunday - early in the morning when I 
> tried to
> give a correction bolus the check button wouldn't work...I could 
> still use the
> standard bolus so I wasn't all that worried....at first.  I just 
> bolused by
> .5's and rounded doses up or down, but then I realized I was 
> almost out of
> insulin and would need the check button to prime a new cartridge - 
> uh oh!
> So I called Disetronic, and was very disappointed in their lack of 
> customerservice.  The tech guy I spoke with suggested changing the 
> battery or leaving
> the battery out for a period of time and massaging all of the 
> keypad - which I
> tried although I couldn't see how that would help (and it didn't). 
> He finally
> agreed to send me a loaner pump - but it wouldn't arrive until 
> Tuesday (has to
> be shipped from MN to Ontario) - he couldn't offer any suggestions 
> for what I
> should do between Sunday until Tuesday.  AND he warned me that I 
> better send
> my pump in right away because the loaner only had about 30 days 
> left on it
> before it "ran out"...as if I don't want my pump fixed - it's NOT 
> working!!Anyways, today is Tuesday, and I still haven't received a 
> replacement.  I
> called Disetronic back at 4:00 pm and spoke with the same tech guy 
> who still
> was unhelpful, didn't offer any solutions and said it was on it's 
> way.  When I
> said that I was surprised there wasn't a rep in Ontario that could 
> get a
> loaner pump to me quicker than 2 + days he said he was doing the 
> best he
> could.  I reminded him that my pump was not working but he seemed
> disinterested and very unsympathetic.
> I must say that this is the first negative experience I have had with
> Disetronic.  Am I over-reacting or justified in thinking that I 
> should have
> received better customer service?  I hope the loaner arrives 
> tommorrow.
> Melissa
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