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Re: [IP] Freestyle- Canada

If you've got another source of a Handspring PDA, take advantage of it.
The tracker springboard module itself is priced at $150(US) if purchased
seperately.   This means you're paying almost $150 for a PDA with a black & 
white LCD screen.   While I love Handspring and their PDAs, this is a bit
much to pay for the Handspring Deluxe (if that is what they are still shipping 
with it).  If it's another model, then it could be a better deal than I'm
them credit for.

You'd be money ahead to go to a computer discounter like Frye's or EBay and buy
one for a much better price.   Handspring also sells reconditioned models of
some of their older PDAs for "fair" prices (I bought my Handspring Prism this
way and could still have saved $50 if I had read that week's Frye's ad).  If
you're willing to trust people, Ebay is a good option.

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Well I came to a deciaion about purcashing a freestyle tracker!  NOPE  mainly
> because it's not available in Canada.  And of course now that I know I can't
> have it I really want it!! :-)  Another down side is the $299 price is
> American so here in canada it would be close to $500, if not more!!  They've
> put me on a list to notify when it becomes available here. It would've been
> Feb before I could get a prescription for the strips anyways and who knows it
> could be out soon!

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