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[IP] Re: Pump comparisons

Has MM fixed customer service and all of the design flaws of the Paradigm?
Or has everyone quit talking about them (publicly) out of fear of being
accused of being mean spirited?
(John, out of curiosity, why are you not considering the Cosmo or Animas?)
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From: Jim Benard

I have been on the Paradigm since 11/19.  I have absolutely no problems
with the pump.  It has exceeded my expectations in every way.  My
control has never been better and my TDD of insulin is down nearly 40%
versus MDI. I have only had to change the battery once.  I have been
changing my site every 2.5-3 days and also have not had any problems
with that. I wish that I would have pursued the pump years ago!

Best of luck,


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From: john

I am a new pumper and am lucky enough to be trying out the Paradigm and
D-tron Plus pumps.  Both pumps have pros and cons that I can see, such
the size of the Paradigm and its use of AAA battery, and the D-tron
use of the Lilly 3.0 ml cartridge and its computer interfaces.  What is
group's experience with these pumps.  How reliable are they, and what
of battery life do they have, and what problems have surfaced.  Thanks.

John Griffin
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