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Re: [IP] Pregnant pumpers....

Sometimes nature just throws a curve ball, whether you have
diabetes or not. I don't even have diabetes (nor did I during
pregnancy) but somehow managed to have an 11-lber 20mos ago (the
midwife weighed him twice because she just could NOT believe it).
It was completely unexpected by everyone. Neither I nor my dh are
genetically big/tall people (I'm 5'2" and he is 5'8") and we were
both runts at birth (6.5lbs and 4lbs4oz, full term,
respectively). Plus, none of my others were that large (one was
9lbs12oz but the rest were 7.5lbs-8lbs10oz). So, we don't know
where his size came from (and there was NO possibility of a baby
mixup as he was born at home). He is still big (guess he was just
meant to be a big guy) and it still continues to baffle us. :)
All we can figure is that one or both of us must have some big
guys in the family tree somewhere.

Take care, Kerri - IM me on MSN: maverickmom1965
Parents of Pumpers chat host, Saturdays 9:30pm EDT, Parents chat
room at www.insulin-pumpers.org
"doce ut discas" (teach that you may learn)

My OB told me, when my second was clearly larger than normal,
that it just shows how much they still don't know about diabetes,
because sometimes a big baby can be born to a diabetic mom doing
everything right.
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