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Re: [IP] Why should I choose the Animas pump?

I see there being a few reasons to choose the R1000 over the Paradigm:

1.  Insulin reservoir capacity is greater for the R1000. (300 vs. 180)
2.  Standard Luer lock infusion sets (non-proprietary) and reservoirs (this
would ensure a larger range of possible supply suppliers)
3.  Pump reliabity.  Granted the Paradigm is essentially still in it's first
release cycle, but it appears to have issues will memory discharges upon
changing batteries and no-delivery alarms.  The R1000 has no reported recurring
problems that I'm aware of.

Other than these, the pumps aren't vastly different when it comes to day to day
use.  Customer support is a subjective issue I don't even want to broach and
over the long term, both companies will probably have their ups and downs. 
won't change over the same time period is the pump hardware (barring a recall).
Choose what you think is going to work for you.


--- Tina Martin <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I can;t tell you why you should choose the animas pump over the paradigm.
> But what i can tell you is that i love my animas pump.. i wouldn't trade it
> in for anything.  The reps at animas are great.  When i was deciding on what
> pump i wanted to go with, they never pressured me at all.  When i feel like
> i don;t know something about the pump or just want some new info i call up
> and they talk with me.

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