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Re: [IP] Ilness and site problems?

    I have the beginning of an infection in a tooth. I knew it because of a
very slight pain, elevated BG's, and for the first time my sites only
lasting two days. I started on Keflex for the infection, my sites are
lasting longer again now, but I do have a 0.2 increase across the board on
basals until I get this tooth fixed.
    Surmising that the body is reacting to the site more intensely as a
foreign body during an infection sounds like a good guess to me. It does
make sense and is what I already figured happened to me.

Cody S. Alderson
----- Original Message -----
> I have had a cold for about 2 weeks now.  In the past 2 >times I've had
to change my site (every 3 days) I've >been having problems.  After  about
the first day, the >insulin seems to not be working as well, and  when I
>remove the site, the area is hard and tender.  As soon as >I put  the new
site in, I start having lows because the >insulin starts working  better.
It is almost like my body is >treating my infusion site as an  infection.
I'm wondering >if the extra work it is doing to fight off  the cold is
>affecting this. Has anyone experienced anything similar? >At first, I
thought it was  just the normal higher blood >sugars due to illness...but,
in both  cases, the new site >works great for the first day or so, then I
need  more >insulin.  In fact, the first site change, I got a no delivery
>alarm.  There were no problems with the cannula, so I >think my body had
sort of "blocked" the cannula.  I >know that the insulin itself isn't a
problem, as I've never >had any problems up until these last two site
changes. . .
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