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Re: [IP] Question: How important is it to have a pro-pump endo?

>>>Do you guys think it's valuable/important/essential to have a pro-pump endo?  I'd be interested in hearing your experiences and advice.<<<

This may not be the majority opinion, but the doctor I had when I first went on the pump was like that.  He believed (back then there was no Lantus, but we used Ultralente) that using Ultralente was "just as good" as a pump, also.  When I expressed interest in using the pump, he was open to it and put me on it.  Whatever I wanted to do, MDI or pump, he would support.

When I moved, I found a better doctor that was very pro-pump, but if I didn't have her, I would not consider it essential to have a pro-pump endo.  All that is really necessary is to have one who will support you whatever approach you choose to take in dealing with your disease.

Having a pro-pump doctor would, of course, be best, but if you can't find one, it isn't the end of the world.  That's just my opinion.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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