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[IP] Ilness and site problems?

I have had a cold for about 2 weeks now.  In the past 2 times I've had 
to change my site (every 3 days) I've been having problems.  After 
about the first day, the insulin seems to not be working as well, and 
when I remove the site, the area is hard and tender.  As soon as I put 
the new site in, I start having lows because the insulin starts working 
better.  It is almost like my body is treating my infusion site as an 
infection.  I'm wondering if the extra work it is doing to fight off 
the cold is affecting this.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? At first, I thought it was 
just the normal higher blood sugars due to illness...but, in both 
cases, the new site works great for the first day or so, then I need 
more insulin.  In fact, the first site change, I got a no delivery 
alarm.  There were no problems with the cannula, so I think my body had 
sort of "blocked" the cannula.  I know that the insulin itself isn't a 
problem, as I've never had any problems up until these last two site 
changes (which is the first time I've been sick since I've been on the 
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