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Re: [IP] Standardized Tests (LONG)

The answer to this question really is up to you to decide how often you will
need to test.  I found a pattern with my sample test taking that worked for
me.  Then again stress makes me run low, so I reduced my basals and aimed
for around 140.

In high school, with the SAT, I didn't organize it with the SAT people.  I
just brought juice boxes with me and the proctor didn't give me any trouble.
I did not test that often then, so I didn't have my bg machine with me so
that may have been a completely different story.  But times may have
changed, I know the test has.  :-)  (circa 1992-1993)

In college I took the GRE test and also brought juice boxes and water.  I
also had not arranged anything beforehand.  The proctor  came up to me and
said I would have to keep it under my desk and I would have to leave the
room to drink them.  No clock stopping, but I ended up not needing them.   I
also didn't test that often during this time, so I didn't bg test during the
test. (circa 1997).

Most recently (September 2002 and November 2002) I took the MTEL tests.
These are the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure.  In September I
took the Communication and Literacy test in the morning (4 hours) and the
Middle School Math test in the afternoon (4 hours).  I had my bg machine
with me, as well as glucose tablets.  I did not make arrangements
beforehand, but I had taken several sample tests in the days before and
found that my bg dropped while testing.  (I am a weird one).  On the
September test day I reduced my basals and that worked well.  I did clean
out my testing bag so that it only had my meter, my lancing device, my test
strips, and the glucose tablets.  I showed the room proctor in the classroom
that there were no communication devices on my person or in that bag.    The
same person proctered my morning and afternoon test which made this easier.
During this test you are allowed bathroom breaks on the clock, and also to
have water and tissues under your desk.  He allowed me to test in the
classroom, but I had to keep the meter under my desk.  This worked well for
me, and I tested halfway through.  In November I took the High School Math
test and followed the same pattern.  The room proctor told me I would have
to leave the room to test and called a supervisor in to make sure even that
was ok.  The supervisor said it would be fine, and asked it I had made
arrangements with the testing service.  I said no, and he told me next time
it would be less hassle if I did, but that basically it just tells them I
will have a meter and possibly food, but for both I would have to leave the
room.  No extra time allotted.  For all three tests I started at 142, 138,
and 135 and ended up at 137, 136, and 142 respectively.  So not bad.  :-)

Again, it all depends on the testing service.   I was lazy and it worked
out.  Also times have changed even in the past 8 years since I graduated
from High School.  I never even knew there was such a thing as a 504 plan,
or IEPs.   Then again there weren't blood testing machines when I was
diagnosed, and the first one I had, you had to put a drop of blood the size
of a finger tip on a strip and then after one minute blot, put the strip
back in,  and then after another minute you got a reading.  I'm still in
shock that my One Touch Ultra gives me a result in 5 seconds with a minute
amount of blood.  :-)  So at age 26 I am turning into one of those "in my
day" people.  Egads...

-- Sherry
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