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Re: [IP] Using humalog/novolog

I'm one of those types who has problems to some extent with both Humalog
and Novolog.   My sites tend to fail faster with Humalog, but are more
constistent while they last.  With Novolog, the sites last longer but my
sugars bounce like a yo-yo and aren't consistent.

I've started mixing Novolog and Humalog to experiment with the results, but
the jury is still out.  I've been through two site changes with a 3:1 Humalog
to Novalog ratio and sugars are stable.  I'm paying attention to site stability
to see if this is a workable solution.

If this fails, I'll try the regular/humalog mixture and see if I get better

I just wish that the insulin producers didn't have to continue
using known irritants in their insulin formations for insulin analogs.  What
is it about the manufacturing process of the analogs that requires the use
of irritating substances?


--- Sherry Nolan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I don't think the reaction to Humalog is super common, it's just that people
> who do have this problem tend to speak up about it more.  First, because
> they are looking for a solution, and second because some have found one.
> Although, I do know of a few cases before Novolog, came out that my CDE had,
> and she told them they would just have to change their sets daily.  When I
> told her about mixing Humalog and Regular 5:1 as I had read on this list,
> she was reluctant but thought it couldn't hurt.  It was wonderful for those
> patients because it added a few days.  Then they tried Novolog when it came
> out hoping they woudln't have to mix anymore, but both had the same
> problems.  So not everyone has success with Novolog.
> -- Sherry

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