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Re: [IP] Using humalog/novolog

Sarah wrote:
> But I'm wondering about this problem i've been reading about here of
> causing allergic reactions at the infusion site.  How frequently does this
> happen, and when it does  do pumpers who used humalog without reaction  in
> shots in the past have this trouble?

I used humalog on shots for only 5 months before going on the pump and had
no problems.  I have been pumping for 3 years (anniversary was Dec. 7th)
with straight humalog and have had no problems.  My sets last 4 - 5 days
actually.  Which is a good thing since I am alergic to the filler in Novolog
and Novolin products.  I would hate to have to switch to using regular.
Actually its a good thing all around because of my high number of allergies
and the list grows by the day.  :(  I did have problems with the tape on the
Sofsets, but when I switched to the paper tape on the sils I was golden.

I don't think the reaction to Humalog is super common, it's just that people
who do have this problem tend to speak up about it more.  First, because
they are looking for a solution, and second because some have found one.
Although, I do know of a few cases before Novolog, came out that my CDE had,
and she told them they would just have to change their sets daily.  When I
told her about mixing Humalog and Regular 5:1 as I had read on this list,
she was reluctant but thought it couldn't hurt.  It was wonderful for those
patients because it added a few days.  Then they tried Novolog when it came
out hoping they woudln't have to mix anymore, but both had the same
problems.  So not everyone has success with Novolog.

In your case, you'll never know until you get started.  The good news is
switching perscriptions is pretty easy.

-- Sherry
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