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[IP] Re: Problems with Quicksets


I use the 6mm Quicksets and recently had a problem with crimping cannulas
also.  Prior to this, I would have an occasional crimp that would always occur
when I inserted into my abdomen, so I figured it was all the bending and
twisting that naturally occurs there.  But then I had some problems with
hip/butt sites too.  I had to change sites 5 times in 8 days.  All of these
problems occurred with the same box, so I suspected a problem with that batch
of sets.  I talked to Minimed about it and they wouldn't admit to a possible
batch problem and suggested I try the Silhouettes instead (I tried one and
didn't like it).  A few other people on this list confirmed my suspicion that
it might be a bad box of cannulas and not a user problem and suggested I send
the remainder of the box back to MM and report it to the FDA.  Unfortunately,
I had already used up that box, so I couldn't do that, so I'll never know.  A
couple of users also gave me some tips which I've included below and since
trying them, I haven't had a problem with crimping cannulas, even in the
abdomen.  Hope this helps.


<My son was having the same problems with the 6 mm Quick Sets.  It turned out
that we needed to stretch the skin at the time of insertion (we use the
and since then we have not had more problems.  It is interesting that it did
not happened
before (~2 months using the QuickSets) but it happened and it was frustrating.
In the past he
used Silhouettes and when he had the problems with the quickset he went back
to Silhouettes but
boy, it is a big difference.  quicksets are much more "user friendly" mainly
with the inserter.
Hope this helps.


<Hi Shawna!

I use the 6mm quick sets and used to have many porblems with bent cannulas.
Someone here suggested that after you insert (I use the inserter) you press on
the inserter firmly to push the cannula in further/so it is more secure.  I
then remove the inserter and push again to make sure it is set (this is before
taking out the introducer needle- I push on the introducer part in towrds my
body).  After doing this, I have had no problems with bent cannulas.  It may
be worth a try!  I have also used the silhouettes and found them to kink and
be very uncomfortable at times.  But, that's just me!

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