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[IP] RE: Standardized Tests (GMAT)

Contact the Students with Disabilities department at the College Boards (or
whtaever company produces the GMAT) - My daughter easily received "minor
accommodations" for taking SAT, ACT, etc.  We used her 504 plan as the basis
(she is in high school).  She was given "extended breaks" which meant that she
did NOT receive extra time to take the tests, but, if she requested a break
(to test, to eat, etc.) the proctor would stop the clock and then she would
continue when she felt better.  She was usually in a room by herself and the
proctor taking the test - which she said was awful, but oh well.
Just a warning - ALWAYS contact the testing center yourself the week before
the test to be sure the SAT people have forwarded your accommodations.  They
seem to have trouble getting this right!
Please contact me off list if you need further details - or if you are having
problems.  I have some actual names to whom you can talk if necessary.
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