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Re: [IP] HTron out of warranty - needs to be reset

>>>It sure is nice to hear that there is a pump that after 8 years is still working..  With all the talk about all the pumps being sent back to the manufacturer within a couple of month of getting them, maybe some of the "older" models are very reliable.<<<

I've been pumping for twelve years with two pumps.  In twelve years, I have never had one die on me.  When my Minimed 504 was replaced, it was only permitted because I needed more than four basal settings per day.  It was seven years old then, and still doing fine!  My 507 will be five the first of the year, and is still going strong.

I think I returned both my originals while under warranty due to some "funny" things happening, but I always wondered if it were really necessary.  I just did it to make sure it was okay.

It seems that some people get all the bad pumps.  Many of the rest of us have been fortunate, indeed.  I'm curious as to how long some would last, were they not replaced.  But I don't care to have mine die so I can find out, either . . . 

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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