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Re: [IP] I'm a Freestyle Tracker Users

On 12/9/02 10:52 AM, "Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> As far as cases, I'm still looking for an ideal one.  They didn't think that
> part through very well, I don't think.  But my purse has a perfect spot for my
> TRACKER and the strips and lancet device live together in a separate pouch
> along with the PDA cover (which does not fit on the PDA when the BG monitor
> module piece is in.  I like to keep my module piece in at all times for time
> saving and wear and tear factors (less wear and tear if you leave it in as
> opposed to repeatedly taking it out and putting it back in.

I found a great case at Office Depot.



This is a case that holds the PDA with the Tracker attached.  And in the
center are these elastic straps that hold the Therasense lancet device, a
tube of strips, plus there are credit card slots and it has a pocket for
your cell phone.  NEAT!      :>)

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